Thinking of Opening a Restaurant?

Before you sign that lease come to Crest!

Opening a restaurant is a complicated process. If you are planning to open a restaurant, Crest Sheet Metal can help you from start to finish.  With over 45 years’ experience in the industry we’ve mastered not only the art of commercial kitchens, we also know and understand the municipal by-laws, building code, and health department requirements you need to comply with.

Having successfully completed hundreds of commercial kitchens we’ve become the experts. Take advantage of our experience and we’ll guide you through the steps to get you from your initial plan through opening day efficiently and with less hassle.

In addition to making and installing your equipment, we can also help you with:

•  Consultation and building suitability
•  Kitchen Design
•  Engineering
•  Permitting

Some of the Things We’ve Learned Over the Years

Location is not always everything. One mistake we’ve seen prospective restauranteurs make is finding the perfect location but with an unsuitable building that can significantly increase start-up costs and blow the budget before you’ve even begun.  Once the lease has been signed, it’s too late and you can find yourself with unexpected costs and added stress just as you start what should be an exciting new venture.

Your menu makes a difference.  Your cooking methods make a difference to by-law and building code regulations.  We can guide you through this process to make sure you have what you need and also avoid unnecessary equipment.

Your decisions now can haunt you later.  There are often choices between different systems that can be implemented in a commercial kitchen.  Your choice now can have a negative impact on things such as future operating costs or the comfort of your customers and staff.  We can advise which system will work best in your environment and why.

The Right People.  Crest Sheet Metal has developed relationships with many professionals in the restaurant building business.  Architects, Engineers, Designers and Consultants all have an important role in proper and thorough planning.

General contractors keep their construction on time and on budget by ensuring proper communication and coordination between all involved parties. Trade contractors that understand their end result and work well in a busy environment combine to complete construction to the standards you expect.